Audits & Inspections

Health and Safety Audits, Safety inspections & Workplace safety inspection

Audits and InspectionsIn order to ensure you continue to maintain compliance with relevant legislation the Management of Health and safety at Work Regulation requires Employer’s to monitor and review their health and safety arrangements.

Auditing / Gap Anaylsis

If you already have a Health & safety policy and a safety management system then a gap analysis or audit will help identify any areas which may have been missed or if any element of the policy or system can be improved. Audits are general document based but can be expanded to include inspections of the workplace.

Workplace Inspections

Regular workplace inspections are a key method for monitoring health and safety compliance. They are used to monitor the fixed environment and observe working practices to ensure compliance with required processes, procedure and / or relevant legislation.

Such inspections can include the whole workplace or be targeted to review areas of concern.

If you don’t have the time or the experience to conduct such inspections Goodfield Consulting can help. Even if you carry out your own inspections an independent view can always help.

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