Bespoke Courses

Bespoke Health and safety courses

Bespoke training courses

Although general course are recognised at providing an accepted level of competency there are great benefits to having training courses tailored to suit your business needs rather than sending employees on general courses. By making the content specific, your employees do not waste time and money sitting through parts of general courses which are not relevant to your operation.

Maybe your employees already have a basic level of training and you require a short, sharp refresher or you wish to raise awareness of a specific risk or health and safety issue in the workplace.

Goodfield consulting can compile bespoke training courses which can include industry specific and/or company specific information to make the content relevant to your business.

Such courses can cover

  • Risk assessment – run in house with practical examples undertaken in your working environment
  • Basic health and safety induction / awareness Training
  • Responsibilities for senior managers

Contact us now to discuss your specific training needs.

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