Retained Advisor Services

Retained Advisor Service

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations require that all Employers should appoint a competent person to assist them with complying with relevant Health and Safety legislation.

For many small to medium sized business employing someone to assist with health and safety on a full time basis is unrealistic, unaffordable and unnecessary.

This is where Goodfield Consulting Ltd can help.Retained Advisor Services

  • We offer a retained advisor service which is bespoke to the needs of your business and the level of risk present in your work activities.
  • Our aim is to limit the production of paperwork while still ensuring your business compiles with relevant health and safety legislation and provides a safe working environment for your Employees.
  • As such all our health and safety manuals are bespoke to the individual business containing only the minimum amount of paperwork necessary to ensure compliance.

For a low monthly fee we will:

  • Undertake an initial review
  • Provide a health and safety manual with only necessary and relevant paperwork
  • Work with your employees to identify risks and carry our necessary risk assessment
  • Undertake a fire risk assessment for the premise if required
  • Carry out regular site inspections (Frequency dependant on level of risk)
  • Provide telephone and email support as required

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